Rapamycin cream - quantities question!

I have a skin condition called KPRF and recent studies used a 1% Sirolimus/Rapamycin cream with great success in treating it. I live in the UK and unfortunately cannot get the cream prescribed me here. I have the 1mg Rapamycin tablets ordered from India along with other things needed for crushing tablets etc and DMSO

However I am unsure regarding quantities for creating a usable cream.

I was hoping to create a 0.5% cream in a 30ml container. I think the 1% cream would be too strong to start with.

Can anyone shed light on how much mg of Rapamycin tablets I would need to use along with how much DMSO should be used to dissolve the tablet powder before mixing with Cerave moisturiser?

For a 0.5% solution in 30 ml, you would need to dissolve 150 mg of rapamycin. Rapamycin solubility in DMSO is 200 mg/ml, so you theoretically wouldn’t need much DMSO. With 150x 1 mg tablets, I imagine the main issue you would be dealing with would be trying to get all of the binder to dissolve. It probably wouldn’t all dissolve. It would be easier if you were to obtain the raw rapamycin powder to make such high percentage solutions on your own.

% solution calculator

solubility info:


Also (in addition to Radiata’s goos sources, you may want to review this post - some good info: DIY Rapamycin skin cream - #397 by desertshores

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Very informative, thanks for your help!

Do you have keratosis pilaris rubra facei?
Have you had it since childhood?

Yes I’ve had it from childhood but only very recently got diagnosed with it! I’m now in my 20’s. Have keratosis on the back of my arms and they usually go hand in hand.

You can order it from http://www.mesochem.com
A friend ordered it to make cream too, since pharmacy is able to do 0,05% maximum. It was 10g minimum quantity at 60 USD per gram.


The best thing about the powder is that 10 grams is a tiny amount, in a small envelope so probably always gets through the postal system. Buying a similar amount in tablet form would require a coffee-table sized amazon box.

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