Rapamycin cream? Add sirolimus liquid into face cream?

I’m thinking about adding sirolimus liquid into my face cream. I might get some rapamune liquid. Would adding the liquid into the cream and mixing even do anything? Or is it better to crush the tablets and use those instead? How many drops would you add into the cream? each drop is 1mg/ml. Ive never made my own anti aging cream before… lol

And is rapamycin in cream absorbed into the blood stream?

I’m mainly wanting to use rapamycin cream to prevent wrinkles on the skin etc

Any info would be great thanks

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Lots of details in this thread. You may want to add transcutol to help skin absorption… See referencees in the thread: Rapamycin for Hair Growth, Hair Pigmentation, Skin Anti-aging


Thanks for the link! If I use a cream that is designed for wrinkles/anti aging, would it already have some type ingredient for skin absorption? I’ll be using derma e anti aging night cream. I like it because it has astaxanthin in it which has been shown to also help prevent wrinkles when on skin.

I am not a compounding pharmacist so the short answer is i don’t know.

It seems like it would work. What some people here do is to make the formula and use it on one area of skin or one hand and your regular approach on another area and compare over a 3 or 6 month period.

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Right I’m just guessing as well, I just assume as its a cream for wrinkles it would already have something in it to help with skin absorption, . I’ll try throwing a few drops into the cream and mix it. And thats a good idea about the 3-6 month period. Thank you!


Save your money, just get tretinoin 0.5% cream, cheap and proven to reduce wrinkles but I am trying this again after a few years and whereas before I always used to get a burning sensation with a lot of scaling and flakiness for the first few weeks now nothing… Maybe the rapamycin is enough although I did switch to a carnivore diet, so no seed oils anymore and plenty of omega 3 and vitamin A in my diet too…


I’ll give it a try. I did a little bit of googling and it looks promising. I can easily get a script for this cream online without seeing a doctor which is good. I don’t have wrinkles (I’m only 27) I’m hoping this cream or others can hopefully slow/prevent wrinkles & other signs of skin aging from occurring in the first place.

I do wear sunscreen daily while outside as I do believe skin aging is a big part due to the sun (photoaging) I’m also from Australia and we have very harsh sun all year round almost.

I’m a big believer in that prevention is easier than reversal & at my age, that is my ultimate goal.

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Made a mistake, it’s 0.05% but if you have never used it 0.02% might be better unless you don’t mind the burn and scaling for 3-4 weeks…

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might start with the 0.2%. Do you wear it all day? I might put it on before sleeping.

0 02% the advise is to put it on at night but I’ve used it during the day in the sun plenty of times, it might make the skin more sensitive to the sun but I think in a good was as it will kill more damaged cells

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Yes - I’ve tried both the rapamycin cream and the tretinoin cream; and they seem to be of a similar level of effectiveness (at least in my experience).

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Rapamycin cream has been approved for psoriasis look the concentration and have a compounding pharmacy make a preparation.

When I tested it, I put it on every morning and evening after washing my face.