Rapamycin causing Knee Pain

I get knee pain within a day if I take Rapamycin dose of 4mg or higher. I’ve tried different doses ranging from 1mg weekly to 6mg weekly, the pain is not a coincidence.

Anyone else having this? Any suggestions?


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I had knee pain at the beginning too. It lasted few months and started day after dosing. It was really sharp pain, but after few months it is gone. I was considering also other causes (taking creatine, yoga or other injury but it did not make any sense since the pain came as scheduled some 24h after dosing). I even considering getting a MRI, but before getting to it the pain was gone. I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but somewhere between 8-12 weeks. I also notice now that my knee joints are much more mobile and “smoother”. There is also a noticeable effect on all other joints, especially my right shoulder which I injured some years ago and had some limited painless mobility and that has improved too. It is not gone, but rapamycin and exercise do help a great deal.

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I had a shoulder injury from lifting weights (a little too much weight). The Rapamycin took care of that.

In general Rapa is great for joints.

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I also have knee pain after 1mg Rapa with GFJ. It looks a lot like Palindromic rheumatism, which I have since my 20s. The triggers I identify for my Palindromic rheumatism are high sugar meals and now rapamycin. Higher doses Rapa, like 2mg with GFJ, give inflammation and pain in other joints, even in the fingers.

I can sense when a flare up is beginning and have found that 400mg Iboprufen is quite effective in stopping the inflammation cascade, and sometimes is enough (no more doses needed).

The upside is that a long term pain (not related to Palindromic rheumatism) I had in my left knee is now completely gone, so some regeneration happened because of Rapa.