Rapamycin Case Study: Dr Alan Green

Case Study of Rapamycin: Dr. Alan Green https://rapamycintherapy.com


Thanks. This is worth reading. Dr Green also describes his views on aging and why rapamycin is useful for aging.

“thought codfish was the perfect food; low calories, almost all protein, low fat“

Found this weird especially coming from a doctor. Where di he get it that almost all protein, low fat and low calorie is perfect. To me healthy fats are real good, good carbs are also good, and moderate protein intake is also good. If he’d asked me I wouldn’t have recommended him to eat COD fish at all, or max once per week lol. Maybe wild caught salmon would have been a much better choice. And if he wanted the best source of protein (knowing he’s not a vegan) I would have suggested organic beef/steak.

Plus his conclusion that RAPA saved him is very presumptuous IMO. I’m a big fan of RAPA myself but I didn’t see any proof in his analysis that RAPA helped him or not. He simply guessed it. He said his survival chances were 25% had not been for RAPA. Well what about if he happed to be in that 25% category and would have survived RAPA or no RAPA. Again I’m not discounting the benefits of RAPA but rather pointing the fact that there was nothing in his writing to prove his theory. Simply because he had no CVD that may not be just because of RAPA. Plus how on earth could you have CVD if you only source of food is boiled COD with ZERO fat LOL Dr. Green. Next time you could be better served if you spoke to a nutritionist.


Dr green said it was the purines. Salmon is higher in purines than cod but neither is a high purine source like sardines. Perhap it was the high amount of cod everyday….a pound is approx 500 grams X 4 calories per gram = 2000 calories a day in cod alone. Wow.

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I hear you about Salmon having high purines but I suspect it was not just high purines that did him in. High purines with almost zero healthy fats (which salmon has plenty) and no carbs at all is his undoing I’d say, and not just purine in itself, but then again I’m not a doctor, he is, and then again he almost died/killed himself and It just so happened I’ve never been sick, and never been to a doctor. LOL


Plus the fact that he is consuming at least 2000 calories per day (he might have other food also besides cod) and he only weighs 160lbs that’s a flag also. I’m a 230lbs guy and tried once (just to see) if I can loose weight on 2000 calories per day for one month and actually gained one lb( no exercise other than walking a bit). Obviously, we are different when it comes to metabolism but in my case I feel best when I don’t go over 1700 calories per day. I absolutely reject the idea that a man needs 2200-2500 calories per day, yes if you are a 21 year old man gaining muscle or if you stay 2 hours in Gym. For majority of us with sub 6000 steps a day and over 40 years old IMO 1800 should be the absolute max. For me even a bit less would be ideal. Wouldn’t it be great if I could listen to my own advice LOL

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If he only ate cod that would be 95% of his total calories from protein. I’ve experimented with around 50-60% of my calories from protein and it’s pretty intense and taxing on my body long term. I’m pretty sure we need some energy from carbs/fats for adequate health but what do I know?!?! I most definitely do anyway. Considering his size he probably didn’t have abundant energy reserves for his body to tap into in what could be perceived as a deficit. Knowing what else he ate if anything would definitely be valuable information.
Edit: I’m glad he is doing better!


Wasn’t he doing the cod diet because of Gout?

Wouldn’t know that (or didn’t catch that) but I think I read that COD gave him Gout.

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It’s amazing how metabolism varies. I’m only 160 lbs at 5’10", but consume about 2900 kcal on keto with 12k steps and 1-2 brief weight lifing sessions/week. But I have a friend who gains weight if she goes over 1200 kcal.


I’m 52 years old, I eat more than 2,500 calories a day and I’m finding it hard not to lose weight. I weigh 68 kg for 1m81 on a Mediterranean-European diet. It’s true that we walk more here than in the States, but I’m not a great sportsman.

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