Rapamycin Blood Level Tests - Any Sites/Experiences in Europe?

As many people know, we have a good option for testing blood levels of rapamycin (sirolimus) from Life Extension / Labcorp (details here).

I was wondering if there are any European members that have gotten their Rapamycin blood levels tested in a private lab and where/in what lab, in what country? And what cost?

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Just mailed my contact at www.checkyourhealth.ch to ask them (they work with several labs in Switzerland). Will let you know.

Update: It’s a no. So I wrote to the professional organisation of Swiss medical laboratories (famh.ch) to ask if there’s a chance or not. I put kaeber@uw.edu in cc, hope it’s ok.

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Doctap.co.uk charges £134 (plus the £50-£70 consultation fee - obviously not extra if having other tests done) in the UK.