Rapamycin as a cancer prevention drug - Biden Cancer Moonshot

The promise of rapamycin is being stalled by the difficulty in getting funding for life extension research - I think this is well known. Meanwhile, the NIH funded ITP Interventions Test Program has spotlighted rapamycin as a promising way to make mice live longer, primarily thru the delay of cancer, since mice generally die from cancer. And the Biden administration has announced the Biden Cancer Moonshot, so you’d think funding would be available for an effective cancer prevention agent. Maybe rapamycin researchers have been focusing too much on life extension? Thoughts? https://www.whitehouse.gov/cancermoonshot/


In my view the real issue is there is No Profit{using rapamycin].

That is the real truth.

Or any other compound that can not/ or does not have IP protection.


Good point. Maybe an anti-cancer clinical trial with one of the patented rapalogs, like Everolimus, would attract funding?

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