Rapamycin anti depressant

Has anyone noticed am anti depressant effect taking rapamycin?


As with a number of the effects of rapamycin, I’ve noticed a biphasic response; that is, anti- and pro-, depending on the dose and the time from peak.


Yes! I don’t feel depressed at all since I started it two months ago. The big kicker is that I don’t feel anxious, which is a bigger problem than depression for me.


I am literally euphoric all the time. Clinical trials with rapamycin on rats show a positive effect on stressed rats.

Also there was an article on using rapamycin for PTSD. And, now a clinical trial is being done.

Maybe my bad memories are softened.

Link: Rapamycin as a Means of Interference With Reconsolidation of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder-related Traumatic Memory - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov


I am generally much happier and less anxious after taking supplements. However I attribute it primarily to the lithium prostate, NAC and then Rapamycin in that order. Now for my improved memory, I give Rapa most of the credit.


It seems like placebo but I do feel different in a positive way. But one or two days after rapa I can feel a bit sick.
I think that is because I have a high genetic loading for lupus and it is alleviating some possible autoimmunity.

This is a good article on depression and anti-depressants: lifestyle/supplements/medications, etc.


That trial was registered in 2010, so it must mean it has been completed already and it has - and results have been posted:

There was a statistical significant effect for those with more recent PTSD but it wasn’t persistent from only one dose. The study was a bit small and they didn’t wait until peak concentrations were reached.


I suffered from severe PTSD, but with the help ART Therapy (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) was able to overcome the worst of it. Even after that I still experienced quite a lot of generalized anxiety and depression. I also had a really hard time completing tasks that required interacting with others. Since I started Rapa I went full steam ahead with all the lingering projects I needed to do. It’s like that doubting part of my brain doesn’t have a loud voice anymore. Perhaps it’s placebo, but my energy level is so much higher too.


Haven’t noticed any change from Rapa.

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Rapa is kind of a wheel of fortune. You never know what effect you will get.

Think of it like doing complete maintenance of a car.

If the car is brand new (someone in their 20s-30s) and you do complete maintenance, you’re not going to notice a whole lot since the car is new.

If your car is a beat-up jalopy with 150,000 miles on it (someone in their 70s-80s) you may see a lot of improvement with that maintenance.

We are kind of like that. If you are young or don’t have many health problems, you won’t notice the effects as much as someone who is older or who may have health issues.


Inflammation in the brain is a well known causal factor in depression. The Bidirectional Relationship of Depression and Inflammation: Double Trouble - PubMed Therefore it is quite possible that rapamycin, by reducing inflammation in the brain, is improving depression or reducing the propensity to become depressed in some people.


Rapamycin and Depression (mice study in China); Mechanism: Rapamycin increased myelination