Rapamycin and unregulated acquired immunity

I understand that Rapamycin increases production of T cells but in allergic asthma, these are very upregulated. Has anyone with allergies or allergic asthma gotten worse with Rapamycin? The Mannick study proved that it improved response to vaccines in the elderly, but that involves the type 2 immune response. Does anyone know if it increases the innate Immune response? Have taken it for 6 months but notice increase in allergic cough after taking it. Thank you

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Rapamycin decreases production of T cells, It leads to the inhibition of cell cycle progression of T-cells.

I have EIB (Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction), basically asthma that is a response to exercising. My pulmonologist always suggests that is probably allergic (since I run outside) and I have several allergies, but who knows. And since starting rapamycin I had few things happening. On my last visit to pulmonologist few months into rapamycin (5-6 mg weekly) I was retested for allergies and most allergies decreased in skin histamine reaction and cat allergy was completely gone. I also reduced my dose of Salbutamol inhaler before running and when I was vacationing I forgot it home, went for a run few times without it and had no coughing or wheezing after run. Lately I almost don’t use the inhaler any more and have no problems with breathing. In the last five months I am experimenting with different rapamycin protocol (1 mg daily for two weeks / one week off). This is all anecdotal but rapamycin really helped with my autoimmune troubles, allergies, EIB and fibromyalgic pains (that remained after unknown type of thick infection I had some 40 years ago…). The least improvement is in the pain department, but it is noticeable and it keeps improving.


Thank you, I am now experimenting with lowering my weekly dose. Dr. Green advised me not to do 1mg everyday, even though I know some people with autoimmune issues follow that protocol. Nevertheless, taking one week off might work. Good luck .


I copied and modified this 1mg daily protocol form Pankaj Kapahi, he has lab at Buck institute and he explained about his own rapamycin protocol in one of the interviews and reading some studies on rapamycin and autoimmune diseases. It seemed like a logical protocol to test. I am personally not seeing much that would support it over weekly protocol in biomarker tests (big test is scheduled end of February after 6 months on this protocol) but some observational progresses is noticeable in autoimmune department. If biomarkers wont support it I will probably change it back to weekly.

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There are a few other threads with N=1 and papers on this topic that you could search for.