Rapamycin and toenail fungus

The one disappointment I’ve had with rapamycin is that, after 6 months of 6 to 10mg per week, my toenail fungus has barely improved. Interested to hear others experiences of this? Do I need to apply topically?

Give it another 6 months. I don’t know how long it took… Just noticed one day (after having it for many years) that it was gone. It could have been a year, or 18 months.

But trying topical is not a bad idea too


I have had it most of my life. Been taking rapa for 5 years. From 6 mg weekly to 20 mg twice a month. Seems to help keep in check without curing. At current dosing of 20 mg twice a month it is almost gone, but not entirely. Good Luck


At 3mg per week for 4+ years, no symptoms, or need of treatment for more than 3 years.

At 6 months of 6 mg to 8 mg per week I notice no improvement. It may be helping my long-term tinea versicolor, but it’s still too soon to tell about that too. Being an avid swimmer I’m in the pool for extended times several times a week. Then, there’s the shower beforehand, the rinse off after, the sauna, and a final shower after the sauna. I’m doing everything fungus likes: moisture, heat, darkness.