Rapamycin and the Flu (Covid?) - Family Experience

Had an interesting experience this week… kids got the Flu (may have been covid, but tests showed negative when we tested just prior to kids returning to school… but may have been late by then). Everyone fully vaccinated for covid. Kids (but not me) vaccinated for flu.

One child (teen) was out of commission for 5 days (weekend and 3 school days)
One child (pre-teen) out of commission for 3 days, still coughing a lot at day 5
I was out of commission for 2.5 days - despite being “a lot” older than my kids. This is the first tine I’ve been sick in about 5 years…

My rapamycin-fueled immune system seems to be doing pretty well. I’ve seen similar stories in these forums over the past 6 months… seems to validate rapa use.

Anyone else have any similar experiences?


Yes, my wife and two daughters had severe and long lasting colds in February whilst I avoided symptoms entirely.