Rapamycin and Taurine

I think this has been mentioned before, but it may be best to skip taurine on the first few days after taking Rapamycin. It appears taurine interferes with Rapamycins autophagy effects. That seems like a bad idea.

It could also be why Rapamycin and Taurine appears to have no effect on the Ora Biomedical worms. Maybe they cancel each other out.

Therefore, I’m going to take Rapamycin and stop taurine for 4 days after my Rapamycin doses.

Indeed, induction of autophagy by rapamycin could suppress the inhibitory effect of taurine on OTA-promoted PCV2 replication. Furthermore, taurine supplementation inhibited 5’AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and activated mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). Activation of AMPK by acadesine (AICAR) could suppress the effect of taurine.


The last 14 days, I have taken 10 gr of Taurine every morning, on an empty stomach. Some days I have had small expresso after 45 minutes or so. And I have also cut back on other supplements. When it comes to my wellbeing, the effect has been rather extraordinary. The Incidence of brainfog reduced to almost none. There was brain fog one day, when I had more coffee than usual. I have had a lot more energy, been in a great mood, and felt much more stress-resilient.

I am 72 kg, rather fit, so I have taken approximately 150 mg Taurine Kg/body weight. I have taken my weekly 7 mg Rapamycin during this experiment. Since there might be an antagonistic effect between Taurine and rapamycin I might go for a biweekly dosing at 12 mg and not take Taurine the day before and not on the two days after my rapamycin. But for now I continue with the current regiment.

I have continued to take. Lithium orotate 5 mg every other day, Natto and serrapeptase in the evening, as well as Kombucha. Before bed, I have taken magnesium threonate. And that’s about it.

Taurine is fascinating. Previously, I have taken 1,5- 3 gr when I Wake up in the middle of the night, and then Taurine helped me improve my sleep. Now when I take 10 gr on empty stomach in the morning, and T makes me feel younger, happier, and more alive the whole day. I see how long this effect stays with me. Could it be like some medications that act on transmitter substances in the brain, it takes a while till the body adapts to the new physiological environment and a new equilibrium is reached? But, As for now, I am happy.


Is there any reason why you take that relatively large dose all at once in the morning, rather than spreading doses throughout the day as I’ve heard others do?

I take a teaspoon in my afternoon coffee and a teaspoon in my evening tea. There is a considerable amount of glycine in my morning smoothie, so that’s why I don’t take it then.

Weirdly, glycine has a very pronounced stimulant effect on me. I haven’t noticed any effects from the taurine, but it doesn’t keep me awake like glycine did.


There is a podcast by Wellness Messiah in which he advocates taking the Taurine as a single bolus in the morning.


Vijay Yadav gave the animals taurine once a day. That is why I started taking taurine this way. And I read that someone here had done the same with similar results.