Rapamycin and seasonal allergies - pollen, grass, ragweed

Thoughts on this issue? I am bouncing around mowing on my John Deere Rider for 3 hours today - and it suddenly hits me that I am having zero allergy response - it’s been raining the past 3 days and is now hot and humid - everything is in bloom. Typically I will have red itchy eyes and runny nose. It occurs that I have had no allergy response for the past 2 summers (I typically rely on several bottles of Flonase early summer and early fall). All my life I had been allergy free until I hit my early 50’s and then it has gotten progressively worse.

Thinking about it… rapamycin is an immune and inflammatory modulator…during a reaction, your immune system releases antibodies. These are proteins that deliver a message to cells: Stop that substance! The cells then send out histamine, which causes blood vessels to expand, and other chemicals, and these trigger the allergy symptoms.

Hate to say rapamycin fixes it all - lol. But, my allergy issues currently are non-existent - living in Missouri the armpit of allergic substances makes me wonder.
My immune response is like when I was much younger - no problems.


My allergies have gotten a lot better the past few years while I’ve been on rapamycin, but not sure if its just within the normal variance I have experienced in the past. But generally - my allergies have gotten much, much better. Interesting… I had not thought to consider rapamycin as the reason behind the improvement.

I used to get major seasonal allergies every spring - from pollen and dust.

Anyone else?


I’ve been on Rap for about 4 years. I’ve noticed no improvement to any of my seasonal allergies, dust and food sensitivities.


So maybe RapAdmin and I are… N=2

I had the usual seasonal allergies real bad starting in my 60’s.
Lived on sudafed and tried all the allergy meds and they helped.
When the covid mess came up I started taking large doses of Vit-C,
D-3, Zinc, and K-2. I noticed the next allergy season my allergies
were almost non existent and have continued for two years or more.

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It may be Rapa, as I found some papers such as:

However, generally men’s allergies get better as they age, while women’s get worse. I don’t think known just what causes, unless for instance, reducing testosterone in men reduces reactions.


Oddly, rec’d this yesterday:

I’m not sure I buy allergies help avoid cancer – know too many people with both.