Rapamycin and protein --- Subjective experiences?

I’ve seen many discussions centered around rapamycin and muscle building. This is not about that.

I’m wondering if folks have noticed other types of interactions between rapamycin ingestion and protein? E.g. along the lines of satiety, mood, sugar levels, sleep, etc.

Any difference between protein w/o rapa, and protein with rapa??

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I’ve noticed decreased appetite and decreased food consumption without weight loss (I’m already slim). I’ve noticed this over the last several weeks (10mg/wk equivalent, i.e. 3mg/wk+grapefruit), having started rapa in early October 2021 (at 1 mg/week). Is this a lowering of the metabolic rate? I have not noticed this specifically for protein, but I eat moderate to low levels of 70g protein/day. I have not noticed other rapa/protein interactions.


He doesn’t much talk about the experience, but I loved this tweet, lol

A recent Q&A somewhat related to this discussion:

(not the final word by any means, but it’s the only study I’ve seen that addresses this question so far)

Nutritional reprogramming of mouse liver proteome is dampened by metformin, resveratrol, and rapamycin (cell.com)

“Metformin, rapamycin, and resveratrol
broadly dampened the proteomic
responses to diet rather than acting on
specific nutrient sensing pathways. The
impact of diet was substantially more
significant than that of drugs