Rapamycin and probiotics?

If you do take probiotics/prebiotics, how do you use it with rapamycin? I remember someone saying (probably Matt Kaeberlein / Peter Attia, I’ll provide a link later) that rapamycin can potentially reduce gut lining. Are probiotics/prebiotics more useful when the stomach lining is intact, or when it is depleted?


I missed this, if it was mentioned in a Kaeberlein/Attia podcast. If you find out more, please post it.

Maybe it was David Sabatini, but my search skills are letting me down.

However here’s a snippet from a Blagosklonny paper:

rapamycin may cause stomatitis and mycositis (ulceration of the mucous membranes of the mouth and the digestive tract) when used at high doses or chronically.