Rapamycin and Muscle Tear Injury?

Hi All! I’m in my 3rd week of rapa, at 3 mg once per week.

Recently, I acquired a pretty significant muscle tear during a workout. Curious if anyone has any literature or insights on rapamycin plus muscle tears, particularly its impact on healing of a muscle and tendon injury.

I’m considering dropping rapa if it will speed the healing process (or return it to baseline if inhibiting), and then return to my regiment post-injury.

Appreciate your insights!


Hi and welcome to the site.

There is some research that suggests rapamycin at high doses can slow wound healing, but we don’t know exactly the level at which that starts to become a noticeable issue.

So, to maximize the probability of the fastest possible wound healing its not a bad idea to pause the rapamycin. Or you can search on “Rapamycin and wound healing” to see if there is any new information on exactly what doses and schedules that might be a factor at. Most of the studies are on daily rapamycin so are not that relevant.