Rapamycin and Metamucil

Is it OK to take Metamucil on the same day as I take my Rapamycin dose?

I hope other people add their thoughts - but my impression is that there is unlikely to be any biological interaction of the phyllium fiber of Metamucil with rapamycin. I can’t see any reason for concern. I’ve never heard of any potential interaction that would be cause for concern. In fact I can find no research related to using rapamycin and a high fiber diet - so it doesn’t seem to be a potential issue that people are at all concerned about.

I do know that Rapamycin’s bioavailability is increased with a higher fat diet - so thats probably a positive thing that people should be aware of, and increase their fat consumption while taking / dosing rapamycin. Here is some related research on the issue of fat and rapamycin:


Thank I wasn’t sure if Rapamycin interacted with Metamucil because I remember reading that Metformin did interact with Metamucil and it’s not recommended to take together so I was curious if Rapamycin was the same. Thank you for your response.


If it were me I would not take metamucil at the same time as rapamycin, but hours afterward I would not be concerned. My thinking is that the fiber could absorb some of the rapamycin, but of course I don’t know that to be true. Here is one article similar to my thinking: Reduced Absorption of Nutrients With Excess Fiber | Healthy Eating | SF Gate


Thank you Jay for the article. I will skip the meta-Meusel while I am on Rapamycin cording to the article the fiber may absorb the Rapamycin making it less likely to get it in your system.