Rapamycin and Kidney Stones?

Hi all! I’ve been on Rapamycin about 18 weeks now, 6mg per week. So far, I’ve felt a lot of positives (which admittedly might be placebo) and generally better blood markers with my Levine age (which was already significantly lower than biological age) decreasing by 1 year, probably due to a significant decrease in CRP. Although the CRP decrease may also be attributed to starting a statin around the same time, don’t know.

But I digress. This weekend, I got a crippling case of kidney stone (6mm), which I am still in the process of trying to pass. (I had a similar experience nearly 30 years ago, when I was in college, but haven’t had one since.) I know rapa is generally positive for kidney health and the logical part of my brain says that there is NO WAY that 18 weeks of rapa could have let to formation of a 6mm stone, which probably formed over years.
But still…it hurts like hell and I’d hate to have any lingering thoughts that rapa might be setting me up for more of this in the future. Any thoughts?

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Maybe try lumbrokinase. Though this is more of a prevention or long term reduction.

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We haven’t seen any reports here before of people getting increased risk of kidney stones while on rapamycin. in fact, it seems that the research supports the opposite conclusion; it seems to lower the risk of their development:

Deregulated MTOR (mechanistic target of rapamycin kinase) is responsible for autophagy defects exacerbating kidney stone development

Furthermore, we showed that an MTOR inhibitor could recover a decrease in autophagy and alleviate crystal-cell interactions and the formation of crystals associated with increased inflammatory responses. Taken together, we conclude that autophagy compromised by MTOR deregulation is a fundamental feature in the pathology of kidney stone formation, and propose that chemical inhibition of MTOR could be a prospective strategy for disease suppression.


Thanks for this feedback, which seems to confirm what I suspected…rapa likely not culprit. Think I should probably forego my weekly rapa treatments until the situation is resolved (via passing the stone or surgery), given the higher risk of infection. That’s ok, I suppose, since it’s probably not terrible to take a rapa break after 18 weeks.

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