Rapamycin and interactions with food (carbohydrates, fat, protein, etc.)

I am curious about how the community here thinks about their diet while on rapamycin (especially the day of and following a dose).

It is known that rapa causes slight glucose intolerance, which means that simple carbs and sugars should be out of the picture (unless there are interventions to help with this such as acarbose).

It is also known that rapa use can cause hyperlipidemia. So it may be safer to use monounsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil and supplement with fish oil. (Perhaps it makes sense to take statins or ezetimbe while on this?)

Now proteins — well they activate mTOR while, rapa blocks mTOR. Does this mean there can be potential negative interactions? Surely protein may blunt some effects of rapa? I think it might make sense to reduce BCAAs at least (if we are to extrapolate Dudley Lamming’s research). In an old interview with David Sabatini, he had seemed to suggest that because mTOR is inhibited, protein should not make a big difference. ON the positive side, in case there are interactions, higher protein diets could potentially counteract side-effects by activating mtorc2 and may be sensible to take after a couple days on rapa? It’s all puzzling to me.

Right now, I just make sure to take a lot of fiber before food, because this would slow the absorption of all these foods and arguably reduce any negative interactions. I previously used to take rapa occassionally in combination with a fast. So, I realized that I had never thought of rapa’s interactions with food much. Now, I have access to rapa and everolimus after almost a year, and I’m trying to figure out how I use it — I want to take it more frequently this time around, but I don’t see myself fasting every week, for example.


The million dollar question, what offsets or turns on the benefits during the Rapa process - eat or fast, exercise or rest? (In the mice study it’s unclear to there diet and exercise regimen)

Personally, I do a long zone 2 fasted run on rapa day followed by a ketogenic meals (high fat, low protein and no carbs) for 1-3 days. Day 4-6- strength training while loading higher protein, lower fat and moderate to lower complex carbs in veggies and fiber (no starch or sugars) . Day 7 rest and cycle back into ketogenic diet.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


I like your strategy. Zone 2 and rapa may be synergistic w.r.t. mitophagy, and after having exercised, our bodies may be a bit better at glucose disposal.


KFISH, Your plan sounds interesting. Do you mind sharing exactly what your meals consist of for days 1-3 and days 4-6? I need some new meal plans.