Rapamycin and Fasting and TRT combinations

I am a 59 year old male healthy and in good shape. I have just recently finished my first cycle of rapa. At or about the same time I have begun on TRT bi weekly injections. I was taking 6mg once per week. 8 weeks on 5 weeks off is my current regimen. I am also considering changing Rapa to every 10 days vs once a week. 2 Questions for the group: 1) I have done one 3 day water only fast recently, in fact I did my fast just a few days (3) after beginning my rapa cycle and plan on doing a 4 day fast in ghe future. Are there any suggestions about timing of fasting in relation to rapa treatment. EG Right after taking rapa or when rapa has left system etc. 2) Any information regarding TRT and rapamycin simultaneously?


Welcome Z - Several of us weekly TRT people try to put Rapamycin that turns down MTOR1 opposite TRT that ramps MTOR2 up. So if you weekly use both… try to space them out halfway.

Do Rapamycin on Monday clean system…do TRT 4 days later on Thursday… build system.

Let each get maximum benefit

Has worked for me 2.5 years.


Suggest you get urine Ph strips and regularly check your urine Ph during extended fast – cheap insurance . . .

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What are you suggesting as a response to variations in Ph?


I monitor urine Ph on my keto/near zero carb regimen and during intermittent fasting . . . also have a Ketoscan device to make sure acetone doesn’t go over 40 ppm in breath.

If I see excessive ketones in breath or low Ph in urine I break the fast and eat a few grams of carbs – like a cup of blueberries . . . and restart the fasting cycle for the next 24 hours.

Since I am taking low dose metformin am trying to be extra vigilant about ketoacidosis – anyone taking metformin, particularly with keto or fasting, should be considering of this.

Final quick point, and I have NOT tried this and am NOT recommending it but literature suggest Potassium Citrate as a good countermeasure – I have no idea of the side effects or unintended consequences:

“Potassium Citrate is Better in Reducing Salt and Increasing Urine pH than Oral Intake of Lemonade: A Cross-Over Study”


PS – I would add drink 16-20 ounces of water immediately upon seeing low Ph or high breath Ketones.


This will be a bit hard for me to do since - 1) I take TRT twice a week 2) Considering doing every 10 day Rapa regimen which will force me to move days around. Nevertheless I appreciate the input, I will be mindful and move TRT around where possible


Thank you. I suppose I am not as scientific in my approach to fasting, I take no supplements during fasting and I do no monitoring. Unlike you I am not on metformin. What is the big risk I am trying to avoid if I have low PH vs. just fasting with no monitoring and no breaking of fast


As a lay person, my personal view is you would want to think about your electrolyte balance for cardiac and neurological function (I take zero carb Ultima Replenisher available form Amazon); hypoglycemia (low blood sugar - (you can buy a cheap blood glucose monitor from CVS or Walgreens) , and keto acidosis (I’m not sure of the risk level absent metformin use) . . . good luck!!