Rapamycin and Covid shot

I have a Covid booster (Omnicron) scheduled in a few days.

I began Rapamycin a month ago started at 1mg weekly and plan to step up 1mg until I reach my goal of 6mg. So far, no side effects noticed. I’m a fit 61 year old male.

The upside is my shoulder pain (Brazilian Ju-Jitusu) has lessened. I realize this could absolutely be a placebo effect.

As rapamycin is labeled to suppress the immune system I’m inclined not to get my covid booster (invites an immune response) on the same day.

Curious how other members of the forum have dealt with this situation.

I took 4MG last Sunday and this upcoming Sunday am scheduled to get the booster. I plan to skip my dosage that day and resume perhaps 3/4 days later when I step up to 5mg.

I have no data and am acting off my intuition so am seeking any input.

Thanks in advance

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