Rapamycin and Copper Toxicity?

Questions for the group on Copper Toxicity:

My labs 3 months ago showed a copper number that was high (over the high range). 134 (range 69 to 132). I reduced foods with Copper and was taking 60 mg a day of Zinc for three months. However, my labs from last week (3 months later) show my Copper was about the same, and had actually increased some to 137.

From what I read about copper toxicity, I don’t like those numbers. So my two questions:

  1. Any relation between Rapamycin intake and copper increase?
  2. Wondering your thoughts on copper chelation meds to get copper down?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a baseline number for Copper from years back given I don’t think I ever had copper labs. I only did the copper labs three months ago given I read where copper intake could be good for bone density but I wanted to see my copper numbers before increasing copper intake and I asked PCP to add those to my labs.

I have a meeting with PCP in a few weeks but wondering your thoughts.

Liver labs were normal by the way.

Thanks for your time.


What source / brand of Rapa are you taking?

Was your ceruloplasmin level checked? That would be the next step.

Any copper pipes at home or work?

What will checking these levels tell me?