Rapamycin and blood glucose flux

I’m considering starting rapamycin to potentially give me back some of the years I’ve lost due living with type 1 diabetes 42 of my 45 years. I have a concern about rapamycin increasing insulin insensitivity, even variably, which can be quite challenging to manage as a Type 1 - increasing risk of both high and low blood glucose levels. I have relatively good control of diabetes with a CGM and insulin pump, but even so, plenty of highs, some lows, and morning insulin insensitivity. Is my concern founded? Do those wearing CGMs (w/ or w/o having diabetes) see transient or lasting spikes (or drops) in blood glucose that you associate with rapamycin?

To muddle the mix - I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor last year (acoustic neuroma). If it continues to grow, I’ll need brain surgery. If anyone has thoughts on rapamycin and tumor growth, I’d like to hear them.

Thank you for your thoughts!


The friend that initially told me about rapamycin is Type 1 and is doing great fwiw. I wish I could say more but we haven’t really talked about any/what adjustments he’s made. If you need more information I can ask him to come to this thread and reply. I’m pretty sure he reads here but I don’t know if he posts.


That’s great. Thanks so much for replying. If he’s around I would love to hear from him.

You’re welcome sir! I messaged him with a link to this thread.


I have type 1 and have been using rapa for around a year and a half.

Biggest thing it does it make me more insulin sensitive for 12-18 hours after I take it. I usually will drop my tresiba/basal dosage a unit or two if I know I am going to take Rapa that day.

Never had the insulin insensitivity studies talk about.

At low dosages, rapa is super safe. Don’t see a reason not to try it. Can’t speak to the tumor though.

Rapa made exercise for me much easier and more energetic. I think overall, if you use the energy you get to exercise, it’ll be a net gain.


Thank you so much for the information. I’d be more than happy to receive any transient boost from rapamycin and exercise as much as my body allows. Sound like a win on that front and from potential long term benefits.

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