Rapamycin and blood donation timing

I just realized that a clever way to get some rapa out of one’s system and marginally reduce its effective half-life is by donating blood, on day 2 or day 3 after taking rapa, and this would still provide a high peak.

However, are there other aspects to keep in mind with w.r.t blood donation? Examples:
a) the ideal conditions (w.r.t. mTOR activation) for fresh blood stem cells to be in
b) EPO that is produced after donating blood, etc.


If one were to buy the thesis that we want high peaks (for its benefits), but not continous exposure (which can inhibit mtorc2), it could make sense to remove rapa, especially after a couple days after a high dose.

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If one is done an ON/OFF paradigm with rapamycin, I’m now thinking that it may be best to donate blood probably after the final dose of an ON period which could potentially be quite high.

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Well, I’m trying to keep my ferritin kennels at an optimum. And also get rid of any PFCs or phthalates lingering in my body (although plasma donation may be an even better strategy for this).

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The rapamycin does not just stay in the blood, it distributes all over the body, so by donating you are not going to reduce your levels significantly.


I agree with Arhu, you would not be losing much Rapa.

My understanding is that Curcumin increases cyp3a, so it’s like the opposite of GFJ. I don’t know this for sure, but using it after the first week might do what you’re thinking. I don’t take it in the first week after dosing Rapa. I do take it the second week. And I was wondering how misguided this might be but didn’t see any reason not to.


And even it it stayed in the blood, a typical blood donation is 500cc out if 5 liters of blood. So at most 10%. And its not like you’re going to do blood donations every week…

If you want a shorter half life you might want to try everolimus.

Blood donations seem like a good idea for many reasons… But this application is probably not one of them.


How long should one wait with the next rapamycin dose after donating 500ml of full blood? My regular rapamycin schedule is 2mg with GFJ and some nuts every week. In addition, I’ll try to complete a 48h fast after the rapamycin dose.