Rapamycin -- alternate/targeted DIY modes of ingestion?

I often hear about how different tissues absorb rapamycin and other medicine differently. This suggests that benefits of at least lower intermittent doses may mostly be constrained to those regions which absorb it well.

Do you know of alternate methods to target rapamycin towards a particular region more than the others? E.g. topical administration would be targeting the skin

Have you had any experience with other ways of administering it?
a) Intranasal? Nebulization?
b) Eye drops?
c) Ear drops?
d) Sublingual?
e) Rectal lol?
f) Intravenous/ Intramuscular (definitely not DIY but curious about any knowledge about these)

I remember reading in a different thread that ketaconazole might be useful for targetting the liver. Knowledge of more such interactions are also welcome!!

(One solution might of course be a much higher dose but spaced out longer. I imagine this is why Blagosklonny and Alan Green might have tried this)


An interesting line of thought… but sadly with little research in the area its really hard to know the efficacy of these administration strategies. I have heard of people talking about intranasal as an idea, but not of anyone actually doing it, nor of any results.

There is an injection version of a rapalog (very similar to rapamycin) called Temsirolimus. To the best of my knowledge, its never been tested for anything related to aging (e.g. muscle aging, etc.) via targeted injection. Interesting ideas though…

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I would assume that areas where rapa ointment was applied would get a higher concentration, at least initially. Any of those delivery methods would be easy to try except for injections. I was wondering about the safety of eye drops, but there have been at least several studies: