Rapamycin after surgery

Hi all,
I have had rotator cuff surgery 5 weeks ago and was thinking to start rapamycin after week 6 , anybody has had a similar experience ? Any red flags to consider?


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I had my hip resurfaced in March of this year. I waited 4-months to heal and let my body normalize. I also went with Arginine and high protein to heal which I thought would not go well with Rapa. I think 6-weeks is fine since that is when a lot of the major trauma healing is done but waiting longer wouldn’t hurt either. Just a lay person’s opinion no medical backing or advice implied.


Thanks , it is the worry that it might stop the healing process that makes me wait . Maybe better to hold a few weeks more

FWIW I enjoyed ramping back up with rapa after my break and noticed the little bit of accumulated visceral fat melt away. :slight_smile:

Wound closure is a concern. That said in intermittent dosing wound healing is affected less. It should be safe 3 weeks after a surgery.


Bro where do you get that? RAPA is god sent in helping with wound healing.

Curious how you draw that conclusion? I have noticed my own cuts and wounds heal slower on rapa and I believe there are studies that support that evidence.

My anecdotal evidence suggests that if you are low doses as some in here are doing, then you are doing more bad than good to your body, let alone longevity. In higher doses however (i.e. i started couple weeks back doing 10mg with GFJ+EVOO) my persisting small infections just cleared within a day or two. My theory is that at high doses the mtor in all your organs and your cells gets inhibited at once thus your whole body in full synchrony and everything works great. On lower doses however, the mtor in your lungs is inhibited (let just say) while in your liver is rampant, your body gets confused and conflicted and you get all sorts of side effects, and slower wound healing. So this is the first you have heard it, but it totally makes sense. In other words this is my story and I’m sticking to it :slight_smile:
If i continue at this rate, I’ll soon become the leading voice in longevity, wouldn’t you say so?

Kansel - you really don’t know what you are talking about here…

Impaired surgical site wound healing is a well-documented phenomenon seen among patients receiving Sirolimus SRL (Rapamycin) .”


Sirolimus inhibits platelet-derived growth factor and basic fibroblast growth factor, slowing proliferation of many cell types, including endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and smooth muscle cells. These cell lines are all essential to the formation of granulation tissue and propagation of the wound healing cascade.

and another:

of course, dosing in transplant patients is very different than longevity rapamcyin dosing, so its thought to be only a minor issue for us taking typical longevity doses (e.g. 5 to 8mg/ week without GFJ).

A bigger issue for people taking mega-doses of rapamycin like Kansel.

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Sorry man, not my personal experience. My infection and a small burn wound i had just cleared (literally within 1-2 days of my mega dose). Not trying to convince anyone to go mega doses here but I can only say what i witness. One thing to note though, I’m one of few people blessed with no high lipids, nor any other blood issues, that many here discuss/have. So, if you happened to have those issues then I’d say watch how you proceed and be careful, but for me I’m looking forward to my next mega dose.

In the big picture, you should be in no hurry to restart Rapa. Next to zero downside from waiting several weeks. Upside of better wound healing.


It’s possible that you’re absorbing less or metabolizing it faster than the average person, given that you don’t see adverse effect even at those massive doses. Have you measured your blood rapamycin levels to see where you stand in terms of absorption/metabolism?