Rapamycin adjuncts?

Hello, new here. I just got started on Rapamycin in Nov 23. Had to stop for 3 weeks because I caught COVID19. Back on now at 5mg per week. Started my mother 82 on 1mg per week as well. Keeping it low to be extra cautious.

I’m trying to organize my general supplement approach now that I am on Rapa, having jettisoned Curcumin and Resveratrol which I took for years.

It’s seems to me and I could be wrong which is why I am asking. The Mitochondrial restoration with GlyNAC seems to be the best adjunctive approach to pair with Rapamycin for someone above 45, I’m 48. I’m taking 4-6g of Glycine and 600mg to 1200mg of NAC daily

Taurine also seems extremely positive, I’m taking just 1gram daily.

Other than these, I don’t see any other supplements or pharmaceuticals really worth taking that aren’t Nutrional, like Vitamin D, Omega 3, etcetera.

Anything I am missing? I’ve ruled out a senolytic protocol, I feel like Rapa covers this.



I went through my RAPa diary for a year and a half,and it seems that the synergistic effect of metformin, statin and rapamycin feels the best,and of course taurine is a great enhancer.


Look at the data of combination Rapamycin and Acarbose, or Rapa plus Metformin


I’d pair Rapamycin with Bempedoic Acid if your lipids go up. Also Metformin or Acarbose are both synergistic.

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Considering Acarbose. Going to hold off till I have at least 6 months on Rapa.

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