Rapamune vs Zydus

I just finished my Rapamune pills and switched to Zydus. I am taking 2 mg + GFJ weekly. Has anyone else noticed that Zydus hits you a lot harder than Rapamune? Especially the first day? With Rapamune, it gave me a peaceful euphoric fatigue-like feeling that made me feel like being tucked in by my mother as I took a few daily naps. Zydus gave the same feeling, but a few times it transitioned into a period of nausea which is definitely not peaceful or euphoric. However, I did go cycling in the middle of the day and that may have influenced it. Anyone else notice anything similar?

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I took 10 mg rapamune with gfj today, did weight training but felt slightly weak and tired which sometimes transitioned into nausea which is what usually happens when I increase dose. Maybe zydus is more bioavailable than rapamune?

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At high doses taken with grapefruit juice, both produced mild diarrhea. At lower doses, I had no side effects except possibly mild fatigue for the next couple of days after taking it.
For me, there is no subjective difference.


Ok. I think it may have been the cycling as I was a bit dehydrated and it was incredibly hot. I will monitor what happens on my next dose. Thanks for the input.