Rapa and supplements and other things

My name is Angelica Jonkers and I live in belgium….my age is 68 and my husband is 71….For about 6 years I have been taking metformin (plus supplements) and also practice caloric restriction….my weight is 58kg…height is 1.72….since 3 weeks my husband and I take rapamycin …1 mg. per week and going up…My husband suffers from actinic keratosis….and raps is suppose to help…

My question is if we can do all these things together…as I read somewhere that it also can be to much of the good….then it can turn out bad….

What is your opinion?

And is there perhaps a way that we can keep ours results of taking papa can be posted somewhere? And perhaps you know adopter in belgium who practices papa?

Thanks for reading….Have a nice christmas……from John and Angelica angelpark…


I think it’s a great idea to do all these things together. Rapa can raise blood glucose, so many people take metformin or acarbose to help keep it down. I started a keto diet a the same time I stared Rapa. These things work together great.

1 mg/ week is a pretty small dose so I assume you will increase over time? Personally I think dosing every 2 weeks is a little better and I use a larger dose. Some people go 10 or 12 days.

If you are on no other medications then it is possible to save a lot of money by using Grapefruit juice and it will multiply your dosage by 3.5-5 times. Drink it when you take the pills.

I’m a farmer, not a doctor and this is just my experience plus what I’ve read. Good luck,


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ik heb *(had ooit) een riziv nummer maar doe niets meer in Belgie…