Questions to ask Brian Kennedy?

In the Rapamycin Master Series podcast I will soon interview the longevity researcher Brian Kennedy. He is currently leading a big longevity project in Singapore and is one of the pioneers who discovered that Rapamycin can increase lifespan in yeast. Are there any questions you want me to ask him?



Here are questions that I would ask:

  1. What are some combinations of drugs / supplements that are harmful or cancel each other?
    He mentioned once about AKG + berberine - are there any other combinations that are bad?

  2. Did he tried to combine Rapamycin with any other drugs / supplements like AKG / etc?
    What were the results?

  3. What percent of drugs that work in worms also work in mice from his experience?

  4. What did he thinks of testing things like gene editing for longevity? Did he tried anything like this?

  5. Did he think there will be anything better in terms of potential lifespan extension than Rapamycin alone or Rapamycin + Acarbose? (at least in mice)

  6. Did he tried to combine AKG with Rapamycin? Or AKG with any other drug?


Many really good questions here :pray:

Do you remember in which podcast or article he mentioned about the effects of combining AKG + berberine?

Please ask him if his friend James Kirkland has any news on his Fisetin trials? He was supposed to come with news end of 2022, but it has been very quiet on that front.

Are he and his team investigating any other common OTC supplements apart from CA-AKG and Spermidine?

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He mentioned it a few times when he talks about biohackers taking multiple supplements - he said one time that about 1/3 of drug combinations in mice are additive, 1/3 are neutral and 1/3 cancel each other or are even harmful

I don’t remember in what exact video it was - maybe in this:

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