Question about Rapamycin dosage

Hello, I’m writing from Switzerland. Please excuse my English mistakes.

I have tried, as recommended, to take 3 to 6 mg of rapamune per week, but my body does not seem to agree with doses higher than 2 mg (oedema, kidney problems). I should add that I have mild diastolic heart failure (Hfpef).

Would it be possible to take a lower dose at shorter intervals (2 mg every 4 or 5 days)? Or a microdose (0.5 mg every other day)? Complex questions, I’m aware

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It’s a good idea to go down to 2 mg weekly or 0.5 daily. I’m on 0.5 for 5 days/week with 2 days break. It works pretty well.


Thank you for your advice!


As I have posted before, I have been experimenting with various rapamycin doses for almost two years. Based on how I subjectively feel and my blood work, I am now doing 1mg daily for 7 days and then 7 days off. This seems to be the sweet spot for me. I do not like the side effects of high pulse dosing. I also subscribe to the modulation theory and I think the daily dosing for one week on and one week off stifles the mTORc1 rebound effect.
Since I have been on the low-dose daily protocol, my bloodwork has never been better.
Now is the first time that my blood work has been better with rapamycin than without rapamycin. My glucose levels are still borderline but that may be just due to old age.


@LaraPo since you have been on rapa for 13 years, would you give us an overview of the journey (other than for transplant purposes): do you feel you stayed the same or better? did your blood work improve overall, your energy level? what else made the difference with the stack you are on?

I myself pretty much dosed 1mg 5 days a week in recent weeks and the result is pretty good: better skin, better hair, better energy, better clarity, and much less eczema/psoriasis. I added Taurine recently and am very glad that I did. I do plan to take a week off and see what happens.


We really have little knowledge about the optimal dosing for rapamycin in humans for longevity, and as your experience suggests there likely isn’t just one dosing approach that works for everyone.

If people have side effects at a given dosing level and frequency many people are either reducing the frequency (or increasing the number of days between dosing), or reducing the dose level.

I assume you’re read the dosing thread to see all the related discussions on this topic: What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?


Yes, thank you, I had read the link. I was just a bit disappointed to find out (perhaps because of my heart failure) that the generally recommended approach (one large dose per week or every two weeks) didn’t suit me, especially because of its undesirable effects.It’s also clear that I want to avoid immunosuppression


I would be curious to know which lab tests are performed while taking rapamycine. And in which frequency?

May I ask your current dosing regime? I have lupus and I’ve been having better results at 0.5mg qd 5 days a week/ 2 off. Overall, I think it makes better sense physiologically- we’ll see.

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I continue taking 0.5mg/day Rapamune for 5 days. Then break for 2 days and start again.


Subjectively, do you feel a difference? I certainly do.

What is your current healthspan protocol? Do you take metformin, SGLT2 or GLP-1?

I appreciate your response in advance.

I take Metformin with Rapamune. Don’t take GLP-1 or SGLT2 (no diabetes, weight is normal, bmi 19.7). Also take many supplements that I rotate. Diet is mostly plant based, no meat of any kind.


Do you buy your rapa in 0.5mg pills? I’m under the impression cutting 1mg pills in half is not a good idea as they are enteric coated.

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Rapamune (the Pfizer branded drug) is available in 0.5 mg tablets. Everolimus is also available in 0.5 mg tablets (generic versions).

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Am I right about not cutting them in half? I have a lot of 1mg.

I think that you are correct in this, but I have not done in-depth research on the topic and it will depend on the manufacturer of the sirolimus you are talking about.

We know that Pfizer uses the nanocrystal technology developed by Elan for their Rapamune. Rapamycin and NanoCrystal Formulations

So - you’d need to research whether you can pill - split in drugs using this technology.

When I’ve crushed the Zydus sirolimus tablets for my toothpaste, there seems to be some sort of film that covers the drug/tablet. Nobody has posted anything on this “technology” used in this generic drug but I suspect if it gets broken (i.e. via cutting the tablet in half) that the drug will no longer be protected from the stomach acids and likely the bioavailability will be greatly impacted.

I’m not sure what Biocon uses in its sirolimus.

You could, perhaps, try dosing with a half-pill, and do a blood test afterwords to see if there is any systemic absorption of the sirolimus. That would be the quick and easy approach to finding out.


I have a prescription for 0.5mg.

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I continue to take 1 mg every other day. This dosage suits me. I am a rather skinny 52-year-old man (62 kg for 1m81). BMI 19