Purified anthocyanins may reduce inflammatory biomarkers

I would grade the quality of the metanalysis as C level but the findings may lead to more insights. (Examine summary followed by original paper.)

Detail on “purified.”

MEDOX (also identified as MP865) is a unique combination of anthocyanins obtained by purification from black currants (Ribes nigrum L.) and from bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus). The purification process (MEDOX is made in an in-house developed,
high tech., patented, chromatographic process) yields highly purified anthocyanines presented as capsules of 80 mg pure anthocyanins plus 115 mg polyphenols.


MEDOX-Purified-Anthocyanins-Antioxidant-power-with-many-biological-effects…pdf (76.1 KB)



I agree the pills would be a standardized formula and more consistent, but these studies on aronia talk a lot about curing metabolic syndrome etc… and I have to wonder if it is because they feed the akkermansia muciniphila:


There is a LOT here that I do not understand, but the discussion seems to suggest that this stuff is good for you.