Psychogenic Aging: A Novel Prospect to Integrate Psychobiological Hallmarks of Aging

An interesting take on psychological aging…

Psychological factors are amongst the most robust predictors of healthspan and longevity, yet are rarely incorporated into scientific and medical frameworks of aging. The prospect of characterizing and integrating the psychological influences of aging is therefore an unmet step for the advancement of geroscience. Psychogenic Aging research is an emerging branch of biogerontology that aims to address this gap by investigating the impact of psychological factors on human longevity. It is an interdisciplinary field that integrates complex psychological, neurological, and molecular relationships that can be best understood with precision medicine methodologies. This perspective argues that psychogenic aging should be considered an integral component of the Hallmarks of Aging framework, opening the doors for future biopsychosocial integration in longevity research. By providing a unique perspective on frequently overlooked aspects of organismal aging, psychogenic aging offers new insights and targets for anti-aging therapeutics on individual and societal levels that can significantly benefit the scientific and medical communities.

Open access paper:

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