Psoriasis and rapamycin

I just want to find out if anyone can share their experiences if they have psoriasis. I noticed that when I take rapamycin on day 1 to 3 the psoriasis on my face is almost subdued. As it progresses to day 6 and 7 it seems to come back. It is hard to tell whether it will go away as I’m on my week no 6 and still working out the maximum dose I can tolerate weekly. Thx in advance.


I had Psoriasis a few years ago well before I started rapamycin. I think the main reason it has gone is vitamin D supplementation, but it might be melatonin. I am not going to experiment by dropping vitamin D or Melatonin to see if it comes back, however.


Interesting, I’d not heard of the possible melatonin -psoriasis connection before.,correlation%20between%20psoriasis%20and%20melatonin.

Given psoriasis is essentially an immune system dysregulation, I assume anything that alleviates it has wider longevity benefit ?


I don’t know about any wider longevity benefit. Vitamin D is IMO good news generally and probably has some longevity benefit. Melatonin I think is a key longevity supplement in that it acts to prevent mitochondrial heteroplasmy.

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See my post in Immunity Code by Joel Greene.

Also search the forum on my user name, psoriasis, and autoimmune for more detailed discussions.


I knew quite a bit about melatonin, but this is the first paper I have read about melatonin and the skin. It is also the first paper I have read about using melatonin topically.

It may be something I need to grind up and add to my rapamycin cream and sprays.

“Topical use of melatonin and its derivatives AFMK and Nacetyl serotonin (NAS) has been shown to protect the skin barrier against UVR damage [67], to have anti-aging effects [68], and to treat alopecia [75] and AD [64,65]. Topical application of melatonin alleviates hydropenia, roughness, and wrinkles in skin, as well as increasing hair density/thickness and decreasing hair loss. In AD-model mice, topical melatonin can suppress local inflammation, infiltration of mast cells, and epidermal hyperplasia.”

For those who wish to experiment with topical melatonin, it is available in its pure form from

They have pure forms of many supplements plus accessories such as milligram scales and measuring spoons.

Also available from Amazon in the pure form.

Pure melatonin is soluble in water, DMSO, and Transuctol.

I am always looking for any additional skin help.


My only question is I already have plenty of melatonin. My skin is naturally dark. Do I need any more?

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles, while melanin is a natural pigment that affects skin, hair, and eye color.
As far as I know it doesn’t significantly affect skin color.

Hmm. Ok maybe I’ll try it out.

You would have to get in to immunosuppressive dosing of rapamycin to fully control psoriasis, but then you are getting in to more serious side effects. I would ask your dermatologist for topicals like tacrolimus or if it’s really bad a biologic. But you would have to disclose to them that you are using rapamycin… they are not going to like it.

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I’m done with daviobet. I’m steadily increasing my rapamycin to 20mg per week. Or until I hit just over 20ng/mL.

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I have psoriasis between eyebrows. When 2023 July, i first took rapamycin, i expected to have it under control but it did not. i was on weekly 6mg dosage. Now i gradually up the dosage to 15mg - 24mg with grape fruit juice and EVOO, it seems its not coming back. No side effect like mouth sore, nothing, but i found semen amount decreased…

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What is evoo? I’ve a funny feeling I need a lot more too. Maybe my weight has something to do with it. I’ve not got past 5.5ng/ml.

For next Tuesday I’ll eat 2 grapefruit and take 10 of my non enteric coated rapamycin. I get a test at 2 hours and 24 hours.

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EVOO = Extra Virgin Oliver Oil, usually on the day i take rapamycin i will prepare myself a lot of grape and grape juice to best boost up the effect, and take the rapamycin together with EVOO.

I purchase rapamycin from India Forveda Online Pve. Ltd, the brand is Zydus. The reason to choose it because there’s a lab test posted on the forum showing Zydus got less impurities…


My psoriasis is definitely less obvious than ever. 12mg with at least 600ml of GFJ and scambled eggs with hemp oil seems to do it for me. We will see what happens in the coming weeks. Once it is completely gone, I will extend the periods from 7 days to 8 and 9 and so on.

I will add melatonin next. My vitamin D is pretty high, i take 1x 50,000IU weekly.


I really don’t think bolus doses of cholecalciferol are much good. I have experimented with increasing my 3000iu per day to 6000iu per day and it does not look like this is much good at maintaining 25OHD levels. I will stick with it for scientific reasons, but am tempted to go for some more 25OHD soon.

To some extent it appears that there is a point at which additional cholecalciferol just gets wasted and does not increase 25OHD levels. If you take it weekly, that is likely to be worse than the same dose divided by 7 daily.

I will revert back to 2000iu daily when my pills runs out. Lol

Its difficult to be certain because 25OHD consumption rates will vary. Hence it is entirely possible for my body to have consumed more 25OHD than normal during the week for some reason or other. However, when you compare 3,000 iu to 6,000 iu there is not much difference it appears.