Protein intake cycling on weekly rapamycin?

I know this has been addressed in the past but perhaps time for an update given some new papers on muscle protein synthesis - Is anyone cycling protein intake over course of their Rapa cycle?
I’ve been doing resistance training on a Rapa cycle of 8mg q8days - (Serum Rapa “trough” < 1 on post-dose day 5) observing a workout-day protein intake of ~2.2 g/kg, but this appears wasteful and counterproductive on peak serum rapamycin (mtorc-1 inhibited) days. Just as a starting point, I skip increased protein intake in the 48 hrs post Rapa dose, consuming more like 1g/kg… Has anyone found an elegant solution to this conceptual issue?


Hi Michael… on my rapamycin night… I try to hit 8-12 mg weekly.

I actually workout… have a pound of steak - whole milk and then about 2-3 hours later take my rapamycin dose (2mg and GFJ).

Been at it 3.5 years. Great muscle strength and no sarcopenia.

The next day is a no workout day and low protein. For my 3rd day post rapamycin dose I am back to workout and steak.

Just how it works for me… 66 years in a few weeks.

42 biological GlycanAge and 51 biological DNA methylation TruMe Lab.

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I wouldn’t worry about such minor details as to what the optimum is (we don’t even know), you are already in rapamycin, just take your dose and continue with your daily life

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