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I am interested in the Apollo stress relief device Debbie mentioned in a different thread. Has anyone else used it before? If so, what was your experience with it? Thanks!

Thank you! This is the perfect place to promote my new rapamycin skin cream. But unfortunately I only have seven powder pills left, and I need every bit of this elixir for my rapidly aging skin.


There’s a Apollo stress relief device for $7.99 on ebay right now.

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Ah - price is going up:

The company website:

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I use an Oura ring. I like the feed back as far as HRV, Resting heart rate and recovery. I am not sure if it is any better or worse than any other device like Whoop, but would love to hear peoples feedback on their devices - Pros and Cons.

Sold out. It was there this morning.

Is there any third party research backing the Apollo Near devices as being effective?

Never heard of it until today. I guess I should have bought it for $7.99 but I figured let it go to someone who really wants it.

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