Princeton Engineers Have Developed a New Way To Remove Microplastics From Water


I’m working up a writeup on the “focus on the site” but I tend to agree - micro plastics are getting pretty far afield from rapamycin and even longevity … while it seems intuitively obvious that micro plastic particles in our food and drinks are probably not a good thing, I’ve not seen any research that demonstrates it limits longevity.


Whatever the case, I’d appreciate a bit more focus on longevity drugs and related issues. If we start covering anything that is health related, I think we decrease the signal to noise ratio for most people. There are lots of good health-oriented sites on the web, but a lot fewer sites focused on longevity drug use and implementation.

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Can we try subcategories as seen in ? That way we can segregate the other posts from the rapamycin posts and keep all the good activity so this site can become the best site for longevity.

The quality and activity of people here is higher than that of most other places (I noticed on the canola oil thread). The only real alternative is, which has low activity levels. Ideally we are a community of people who want to maximize our own longevity, which makes these topics relevant.

Most longevity drugs that we discuss don’t definitively “extend” longevity any more than microplastics “limit” longevity, esp b/c levels of microplastics are only exploding over time, so what happens now gets obsolete very easily in several years.


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