Prim-O-glucosylcimifugin (POG) ameliorates aging-impaired endogenous tendon regeneration by rejuvenating tendon stem cells. (POG), a saposhnikovia root extract)

AIUI the mechanism for this is via inhibiting JAK/STAT

IMO this is about reducing the effect of IL-10 and therefore increasing NF kappa B, thereby increasing the level of the citrate/tricarboxylate transport protein and as a consequence increasing acetyl-CoA levels in the nucleus.


Very interesting. Your citrates again :slight_smile: Keeping an eye on this as have added citrates to my daily fluid consumption.

People normally have between 50 and 150 micromolar citrate in their blood serum. Hence to increase this takes quite a bit of citrate (it is also metabolised quite quickly).

Also you need to be careful not to take too much as acid.

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Yes, diabetes ketoacidosis is deadly.

One source (other suppliers available :slight_smile: )

Fang Feng, Siler (Saposhnikovia Divaricata) Tincture, Dried Root Liquid Extract (Brand Name: HerbalTerra, Proudly Made in USA) 5×2 fl.oz (5×60 ml) Alcohol-Based – LifeIRL

Personally I would avoid Janus Kinase inhibition as it interferes with a significant pathway and the side effects of serious interference could be material.

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Please tell me more or direct me to a post with details. Many thanks :slight_smile: :pray:

On the Janus Kinase point or on Citrate?

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On Janus Kinase inhibition not being without the possibility of negative consequences. If possible please? (I could Google search but would be helpful to know what has convinced you)

There are other Jak inhibitors and there is plenty of material around (see link below). However, I personally am concerned about impacting on the NF kappa B pathway. It has its role when it needs to be increased and/or reduced.


Thank you! Will have a read.