Preferred acarbose generic brands

What brands of acarbose are people using and what are your preferred sources and prices?

This 100 pack of Acarjohn 25mg is $32 from Welcome Healthcare on Indiamart. Anyone heard of/used/tested this brand?

I bought Bayer/Glucobay 50mg tablets. $62 for 120 tablets, shipping included, from Jagdish Nikose (see list of reliable pharmacies thread. FAQ)


I personally would buy 100 mg. tablets. Could save money and 25 mg. does not do much. I take 100-300 mg daily when eating carbs. I live in Spain where it is cheap. 100 tabs x 100 mg = $16, no Rx. Have had no problems except for gas which can be controlled with Beano.


Agree. I take 300mg before carb laden meals with no issues (other than gas).

I’ve seen no lab analysis of any of the brands - so we don’t have much to go on, to be honest. I think Bayer / Zydus is probably the largest brand name and the most trusted of suppliers. I think Bayer was the original developer of the drug. More details below: