Potassium for appetite suppression, longevity, BP, etc

I take potassium BHB both for the BHB and the potassium.
Potassium BHB is amazingly hygroscopic. Usually supplied with a silica gel pack to keep it from clumping.
It dissolves instantly in a little water. That is how I take it, 10 grams of potassium BHB in about 1/2 oz of water, throw it back like a shot of tequila with an additional water chaser. It tastes sweet/salty.
I have tried all of the BHB salts and this is the least nasty of the bunch, plus it instantly dissolves. A shot in the morning keeps my blood pressure below 120 all day.

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It is very hard to get enough potassium, so I supplement with potassium salt (heavily, about 1/2 tablespoon per day). Even then, I’m barely over the RDA.

I use potassium BHB. Old people like me get increasing “stiffening of the arteries” which raises blood pressure. Rather than get a prescription blood pressure medicine. I have chosen to take the potassium BHB salts. I take 10 grams in the morning in about 1 oz of water. It is highly hygroscopic and doesn’t taste all that bad.
It keeps my resting systolic pressure below 120 all day long.

What potassium serum level do you have?

I have noticed that my potassium levels have varied much more since I started rapamycin.

Thanks for that. Mine varies between 4.4 and 5.6. There is some interesting research that indicates taking potassium chloride 25% as a part of table salt (75% NaCl) is better than 100% NaCl. I wonder if there is a more general benefit for having a pretty good potassium level. One of my labs has a max normal of 5.3 and another 5.6 (that may be analyzer related).

When I am not drinking I can get a reasonably good bp measurement.

When I am drinking the vasodilative effect I think mainly of acetate takes the BP down, but brings up the HR. I don’t have an image for that, but an example is 104/56-59