Possible reason to combine Rapamycin and senolytics

Here is the reasoning of the LEV foundation for combining senolytics and Rapamycin. Unlike modalities that mimic calorie restriction (most longevity interventions), which are not additive, there is reason to think that Rapamycin and senolytics could be synergistic. Might be time to add senolytics to Rapamycin, acarbose and a SGLT2 inhibitor. It’s what I do now. To be clear, the final results on the mouse study are not in yet LEV Foundation on Senolytics as One Part of a Combination Rejuvenation Therapy – Fight Aging!.


I think a senolytic in addition to Rapamycin would be synergistic and additive. However, I would utilize senomorphics like Taurine and Rapamycin first and add senolytics after age 50.

The test for senescent cells in mice showed a much higher reduction in senescent cells from taurine use than from using D+Q senolytic.


If you start from the assumption that SASP is harmful and inefficient mitochondria are bad, then there are two things it is worth fixing.
a) The inefficient mitochondria (mitophagy)
b) The presence of senescent cells

These being two different targets any effect of work on each of them will be synergistic with work on another.

My own view is that a material proportion of senescent cells are cells which have improperly differentiated and are stuck in the process of differentiation. I think this in part causes some of the phenotype of aging. I personally prefer the approach of getting them to function (senomorphic) to killing them off (senolytic). I think some of the test results on senolytics wrongly consider that they have killed off the cells when they have probably made them function better.


Thanks! Didn’t know taurine was a senolytic. Do you have a reference for the greater senescent cell clearance in mice?

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It’s better than a senolytic. It’s a senomorphic which prevents cells from becoming senescent. Mice given taurine had much fewer senescent cells than a normal mouse treated with D+Q. There’s a nice chart that shows it somewhere on this site.

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