Portable Ultrasound Scanner

If you want a portable ultrasound scanner to scan your body/joints/etc…

From @mkaeberlein

We use the Clarius in our program: https://clarius.com/l/portable-ultrasound-machine/… Very cool little device, displays right to an iPhone or iPad

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Any idea what the price is?




Over $4,000.

And you know what you see? I"ve tried doing it myself and seen many ultrasounds but it stays very difficult to interpret them, even when you know the anatomy


What program is this? And what’s the overall source for these Matt K tidbits - good podcast or something?

I got them off his Twitter (X) feed. You should be able to find them quite easily. Dr. Kaeberlein has replaced Dr. Sinclair as my longevity go-to celebrity of choice. I just trust him, and he makes sense.

Here’s a good paper on what you can use POCUS for.

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Great, thanks DeStrider

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