Polygenic Risk Score

I want to get a polygenic risk score done, (with a focus on cardiovascular). Has anyone done this? What service did you use? I found one providor online-- DynamicDnaLabs-- anyone have any knowledge of this company? It seems that there is a great deal of information about what the process is, but not much on where you can go to get one (by mail)

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You need to get your full genome sequenced by any company that gives you your DNA data files (VCF format is the most useful in general)
Then this company will probably give you polygenic scores for various risks.
For that I used Nebula Genomics but there are others.
For instance here is a worrisome polygenic score I got from Nebula (basically 100% of the people have a lower risk score than mine) :

You can then send that VCF file to various places (some free and some not) who will analyse it like

Genetic Genie, codegen.eu (both free) and lots of others.

You can also got to plenty of resources like PharmGKB to see how your genes interact with medications or ClinVar for any kind of diseases related genes.