Plasma Dilution

Fellow Rapamycin aficionados,

Today I took the plunge and had my first round of plasma dilution. They took 3 lots of about 250ml each time. Used a centrifuge to spin down the cells; discarded the plasma. Then reinfused the cells in saline. So it was done “manually”; not by a plasmapheresis machine. Total cost was only 7,000 roubles (yes; I’m in Russia). So far less than US$100. I have 2 more treatments scheduled.
The nurse told me she’s been doing this work since 1990. But clearly, they associate the treatment with certain illnesses; not with life extension (strangely).


What is the schedule for the treatments? Once a week? If the end result is the same as with plasmapheresis machine then it’s easy to do at home.

Did their saline solution contain albumin?

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Awesome! So this is about 60% more volume (750ml) than a blood donation (470ml) but I don’t think you get the same “iron dumping” benefit as from a blood donation. How did you feel? I felt nothing from a blood donation. Plus I cannot give blood very often (it takes 10-12 weeks for the red blood cells to regrow)


First round was today (21/11/23).

Second round is on 24/11/23.

Third round is on 28/11/23.

Approx 3 hours each time.

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No; no albumin.
Just saline plus an anticoagulant.

I felt fine during the procedure.
There was a very slightly strange feeling when the saline was infused, but this stopped when the blood cells were infused.
The anticoagulant rarely makes some people feel a bit faint.

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The procedure is slightly faster with the machine but costs 15,000 Roubles. But, I think they don’t offer it at the moment due to being unable to obtain consumable parts (tubes, filters etc) from Europe thanks to the sanctions. (That’s just me reading between the lines.)

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It would be interesting to do some pre-test blood testing and / or epigenetic and biological age tests and calculations, then again after your series of treatments… have you done any, or do you plan to do any?

Also, how did you feel afterwards?

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I had some blood tests done about a month ago after I had had Covid. Everything was normal except 2 things that were just slightly outside the normal ranges. I will eventually get them done again and can compare.
I feel fine. Plenty of energy. It’s almost midnight here and I don’t even feel tired but it’s probably just from the “excitement” of it all.


And each time they draw 750 ml?

I also get a rush of well-being, after a blood donation, that lasts an hour or so. My vision is better, and I feel like a million bucks.

To be honest I didn’t ask. I think each bag of whole blood that was drawn was maybe 250-300 ml, (just from eyeballing it) but I’ll be sure to ask next time.
Three such bags per session.
Three sessions total.

It has not escaped my attention that they say they’ve been doing this since about 1985 here in Russia. And Ira Conboy is from Russia…


Interestingly, yes you are right - it does seem to have originated in Russia around 1913…


In the 2022 clinical study by Irina Conboy and Dobri Kiprov, they replaced one plasma volume six times. If one plasma volume in your case is 2.5L, and if half of your blood sample is plasma, then I guess you would have to repeat today’s procedure 40 times to be similar to that study?

I am not sure about my math, so if anyone else can verify my numbers please do.

I guess “mileage may vary”: I donate as often as is allowed, and always feel much more exhausted during exercise during a window of several hours after donation. And yes, I hydrate.

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Do you mean you donate plasma or whole blood?
Donating whole blood can certainly take it’s toll for a couple of days afterwards. It takes a while for the body to replenish what was taken.
I think the plasma effect is less. The proteins (mainly albumin) need to be replaced.

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Ah, that may be the difference: I donate whole blood.

Whole blood for me as well. I also could feel some slight negative effect for 6 hours after the good feeling passed (after around an hour). It didn’t feel like adrenaline, and I did not eat anything afterwards until dinner.

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