Pinepple having a tingling aftertaste

Hi - last night I had a mouth tingling from eating fresh raw pineapple chunks. It went away but came back for a few moments this morning when I was eating some granola. Any info or experience with this?

Bromelain is a meat tenderizer, it’s has enzymatic activity capable of breaking down protein…so use your imagination.

I never eat fresh pineapple before any meal… because it dulls my sense of taste.


Good point Dr. Bart.

Bromelain and papain may ameliorate DOMS according to some studies. I learned to eat fresh Pineapple and Papaya in Cost Rica. I use them fresh occasionally for that purpose… since there is really nothing else you can do for DOMS other than wait it out.

By “DOMS” you mean delayed muscle soreness? I’m confused on how this is related to pineapple and tingling aftertaste…

same enzyme that is responsible for tingling, can purportedly helps with DOMS… fun fact Clifford ! (Cheers reference)


…as a massage therapist, my solution to this is quite easy - the high protien non packaged snack always helps with the localized massage - rollers, percussion, etc.