Pharmacies in the EU who will ship to another EU country?

Hi there,

I have a prescription for Rapamune here in Ireland, but the local pharmacies cannot find any suppliers for it, despite it being produced here in Ireland.

Has anybody in the EU been able to source it from an EU pharmacy and have it mailed to them?

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You could ask for an alternative eg everolimus

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Pharmacies will only provide the drug that is prescribe, not similar alternatives.

Has to be rapamycin/rapamune. Just looking for someone in the EU who has had it successfully shipped from another EU country.


That’s not correct and I get frequent calls as a prescriber from pharmacies if they can give an alternative (because supply or whatever reason). The pharmacy just needs to call the doctor that prescribed rapamune

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Hi there Sean,

I know that the pharmacy chain I work in (Sweden) can order it because our supplier carries it. Takes a few days to be ordered though.

Best of luck

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Thank you Sally. I found a pharmacy in France that supply it (which I haven’t ordered a different prescription from in the past). But they appear to have issues sending prescriptions here to Ireland as they are getting stopped by customs, which shouldn’t happen.

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