Peyronie's Disease and Rapamycin

I was just diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease and am wondering if anyone has experience with that and taking Rapamycin? It seems Peyronie’s is an inflammatory disease and would benefit from Rapamycin dosing?

I have had testicular and urethral pain after ejaculation for a couple of years since my vasectomy reversal, and also just found out I have an inguinal hernia (at the same time I was diagnosed with Peyronie’s). I have been on relatively low dose Rapa for about 2 months now (2mg with GFJ) and the Peyronie’s seems to have started around that time. I don’t think Rapa could have contributed, but I am wondering if I should do a wash-out and maybe throw in a water fast as well?

I am otherwise quite healthy. I am 49, can run a 6:40 mile (over two miles) and have a good diet with no added sugars and plenty of protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts. I don’t eat processed foods and fasting blood sugar in the morning is usually between 80-95 mg/dl. Not on a low carb, diet, but avoid grains.

Any advice appreciated, especially from others who suffer from Peyronie’s.

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Hi and welcome to the forums. I’m not at all familiar with this disease:

It seems to strike a high proportion of men: It is estimated to affect 1–20% of men

It does seem to be an age-related disorder, so anything that slows age related pathologies like rapamycin does, would seem to potentially be helpful, but at least in the wikipedia article I didn’t see any inflamation discussed.

Rapamycin is a pretty low risk approach at the dosing protocols people are using for longevity - so I would try it for a while and track the effects if I were you. Details on dosing here: What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?


Thanks for taking an interest in this little known disease on my behalf. I agree that Rapamycin is likely to help, or at the very least it won’t make it worse.

Some folks on the Peyronie’s Disease forum believe it’s inflammatory and that diet/fasting along with traction techniques can help. I am no stranger to fasting, so I’ll likely give it a try. I will keep taking Rapa at the lowish dose I’ve been on for two months now and report back on my progress.

Thanks again for all you’ve done on this forum!

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that is not really a lowish dose :sweat_smile: (it equates to 7-14mg)

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Yes, that’s true. I actually switched to 1mg with GFJ this morning for awhile.

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I just posted this in the section regarding dupuytrens contracture (dc), which is a somewhat related fibrotic condition. DC appears to have limited human research backing rapamycin treatment and peyronies appears to have limited animal research:

Interesting news on the fibrotic condition of dupuytrens contracture. There is also animal research indicating that a somewhat related pathological fibrotic disorder, Peyronies disease, might be treatable using Rapamycin. See here: Rapamycin Supplementation May Ameliorate Erectile Function in Rats With Streptozotocin-Induced Type 1 Diabetes by Inducing Autophagy and Inhibiting Apoptosis, Endothelial Dysfunction, and Corporal Fibrosis - PubMed and here: New insights into the pathogenesis of Peyronie’s disease: A narrative review - PMC


Thanks for sharing this. I’ll take a look. I’ve kept on with the Rapamycin and some “hand traction” and it seems to be getting better.