Peter Thiel’s Enhanced (All Drugs?) Olympics

Hmmmm… this is an interesting development. I’d prefer to see something like this for the centenarian olympics & longevity… perhaps as part of the XPrize health and longevity contest, but where they provide funding for all the contestants and provide strong medical support and free medications and carefully track longevity outcomes / changes. Sort of like Bryan Johnson, but with teams competing and full funding for those who don’t have the financial resources themselves.

Peter Thiel has invested in a seed round of the Enhanced Games, which describes itself as “the modern reinvention of the Olympic Games that does not have drug testing.”

It does seem to go a little beyond just not testing, though, at least judging by the press release. The investors “see the vision of a new model of sports, that openly celebrates scientific innovation and honestly represents the use of performance enhancements in sports today,” said Aron D’Souza, president of the Enhanced Games, in the statement.

News stories:

The Enhanced Games (Website)

SNL on the idea of an all-drug olympics:

and… a little humor on the idea:

Some additional information from one of the funders:

Christian Angermayer

On occasion of the controversy we created with our new @enhanced_games, where performance enhancements are endorsed… Here’s a scientific view about the various risks of the most common “drugs” (just sugar missing). A hint: alcohol is the worst. And then look towards the right.

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That’s unbelievably based.

It’s likely most athletes in the regular competitions are all using PED’s anyway, so now the lies can stop at least.

Documentary Icarus on Netflix is good that revealed the Russian doping scandal:

Regarding Peter Thiel’s idea it is a fun thought but will only work if the “Enhanced Games” are more prestigious than the supposedly clean alternative. So long as the “standard” Olympics are more prestigious there will always be an incentive to dope to win those.

I get the idea though as an anonymous poll of athletes at an international event have estimated doping rates to be almost 50%. For medal winners you would assume the rate would be even higher.

Regarding the idea of a centenarian olympics again it is very interesting but the devil is in the detail over how you quantify biological age and rate of aging. I think it’s fair to say the current techniques are not accurate enough to compare between individuals and there are questions over their precision also.