Peter Attia on GLP-1 (2023) small bit on Metformin

Dr. Peter Attia today published an AMA on his site (Premium Podcast) and be took a less than positive position on the use of GLP-1 Agonists in geroprotecion.

Namely, his position is that the cost outweighs the positives in using GLP-1 drugs for longevity.

1.) In his patient’s, hes found a 1-1 loss of muscle to fat in those who had less amount of weight to lose.

2.) In some of his patients he saw an increase of 10-15 BPM in Rest, and a 5 BPM in Exercise.

3.) Patients who had lost roughly 5%-10% of thier BW saw an increase in BW after two years versus those with a significant BW who lost 25%+ saw a smaller regain (This is supported by studies).

I think its important to share these takes as more folks use GLP-1 medications to build a longevity foundation and join our community or users who are currently using GLP-1 medications as part of their longevity journey.

Peter also mentions more on Metformin and he remains very hesitant on its uses for longevity, and doesn’t recommend it to his own patients for its geroprotecion.

Link below;

As many of you know, Ive used GLP-1 (Tirezepatide) to lose over 100 LBS in my longevity journey. I will be working with my physician to schedule a DEXA scan to further my own research but based on my own equipment Ive gone from a 45% BF to a 25% body fat in the time Ive been on Mounjaro.

I’ve seen a decrease in my resting heart rate.

I will update as my journey moves forward.

Edited Added more about Dr. Attias take on Metformin.


This is a good talk. I recommend it to everyone. Although I don’t recall him recommending Metformin for non diabetics.

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I think the bottom line is, that mounjaro is better then ozempic, and if you are going to take a glp1, make sure to get your protein and resistance training. I personally did a dexa before and after losing more then 10%, and had no muscle loss at all.

I didnt find him bullish on metformin, and I think its more likely to not perform

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He said categorically that he doesn’t prescribe metformin as a gero-protector.