Paxlovid and rapamycin

There can be a very significant increase in plasma levels, perhaps to a dangerous degree, of rapamycin combined with the Covid drug Paxlovid. This drug is commonly prescribed to those over 65 and is something to keep in mind.


Important info. Thanks

Thank you so much for posting this. I have been fortunate not to get Covid this far but maybe I will take a break from rapamycin this winter.

The enormous increase in rapamycin levels was certainly unexpected. I agree that we need to consider this carefully.

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Well, I’m sitting with my box of Paxlovid wondering whether I should take it or not. So, I was taking care of my dear friend in hospice at my home who clearly was sent from the hospital with Covid, I honestly hadn’t been anywhere in the last week preparing for her arrival. My daughter was equally exposed to her and has tested negative. I dosed my 6MG Rapa on Tuesday, tested positive on Wednesday. I’m moderately sick. I did have Moderna vax’s. The PMC article regarding rapa and paxlovid is levels for someone in transplant mode not the small doses we take. There’s a part of me that thinks, fight the virus and get some added immunity, then a part of me that thinks, take the antiviral. Who has taken their weekly dose and then started the Paxlovid, any issues? There are some pretty great minds on this site and is there a potential gain from letting your body do its thing versus starting an antiviral if your moderately sick with Covid given we are also on rapa?

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For what it’s worth, I’ve known people who used paxlovid close to their rapamycin dose without issue. I think that, as you say, our doses are relatively low.

I’ll also say that paxlovid seems to work quite well, although there’s no way of knowing how those patients would have fared without it.

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Regardless of what you decide with Paxlovid, there is the inflammation that comes along with the infection that you may be able to limit a little with certain foods and supplements. When I tested positive I bought daily acai bowls from a local business. That berry has a compound thought to control a primary cause of inflammation in Covid, and there’s a clinical trial. And it’s otherwise good nutrition. I also drank a variety of teas and made sure I was getting enough protein and avoiding stress.

There were multiple hospital trials with positive results using highly absorbable turmeric. Reduced mortality and recovery time. There was also a blend of turmeric, ginger, boswellia, and ashwagandha that made it through Phase III testing in India. The researchers suggested it as a possible adjunctive treatment to go along with standard medical care, such as antivirals. The idea is to help limit some inflammation without using a counterproductive steroid which affects immune function.