Pausing Rapamycin after accident

I had a moderately serious car accident last week, four days after my usual 8mg dose.

I had some large 2nd degree burns (from side airbag!), and bad rib/chest soreness, but no worse for wear otherwise.

I have paused my dose for now. My burns have healed much faster than I would have expected.

How would you think about pausing Rapamycin during acute healing from mild trauma?

I was also interested in my differential CBC, which I’ve never had before. I had a higher percentage of Neutrophils verses Lymphocytes. I have to wonder if this is the immune system modulation from Rapamycin at play.

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Sorry to hear about the accident.

Probably not a bad idea to pause the rapamycin whenever you’re recovering from a wounding. The evidence is generally that at higher dosing, and continual dosing, that wound healing is slowed but its better safe than sorry.


Yes. You should probably make a full recovery before resuming Rapamycin usage.


Every type of intervention that inhibit mTOR, the anabolic processes, I would try to take a pause from or minimize. Interventions like extended fasting, time restricted eating, calorie restriction, rapamycin etc. I would also help the body to heal better and faster by for example increasing little bit the energy intake, protein intake, zinc, iron, vitamine C and also avoid dehydration. Take care my friend :pray:

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